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Lecture: Corporate Finance

Organizational Issues

Lecturer: Prof Glaser

Language: English

Credits: 6 ECTS (including exercise sessions) in Module U&F

Weekly hours: 2

Start: April 20, 2020

End: July 6, 2020

Lecture material: LSF-Dateidepot

Course Overview

This course deals with the theory and practice of how corporations make key corporate financial decisions. Starting with the irrelevance theorems for corporate capital structure and corporate payout policy, students will be introduced to several market frictions such as corporate and personal taxes, costly bankruptcy, and asymmetric information and their implications for capital structure choice or payout policy. Further topics covered are agency problems within corporations, adverse selection in capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, corporate investment decisions and internal capital allocation of firms, as well as financial constraints. The course will conclude with some aspects of behavioral corporate finance.

The course presupposes basic knowledge of concepts from finance and economics. Students should be familiar with basic optimization techniques, statistics, game theory, asset pricing, and accounting. The main objective of the lecture is to introduce students to theoretical and empirical research in the field of corporate finance. Furthermore, students will be familiarized with practical issues in financial decision making.


The courses offered by our institute are mainly based on:

  • Jonathan Berk and Peter DeMarzo (2019), Corporate Finance, 5th Edition, Pearson
  • Berk/DeMarzo (2013 and 2016) “Corporate Finance”, 3rd and 4th Edition covers almost the same content as 5th ed.
  • Access to book through LMU

The tutorials accompany the lectures in Corporate Finance.


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