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Behavioral Finance


Lecturer:  Prof. Glaser

Language: English

Credits: 6 ECTS (including exercise sessions) in Module Finance

Weekly hours: 2


Lecturer: Désirée-Jessica Pély

Language: English

Weekly hours: 2

Course Overview

The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to Behavioral Finance. We start with an overview of classical paradigms of decision making of individual investors and other participants in financial markets. We then link individual behavior to market anomalies, describe and explain market inefficiencies as well as potential trading strategies, and discuss psychological biases and other limitations of investors that might generate those anomalies. In a last part, the course deals with behavioral aspects in corporate finance.

The aim of the course is to provide students with knowledge of the main concepts, methods, and empirical findings of Behavioral Finance. Thereby, the course covers theoretical, empirical, and experimental research as well as recent applications in practice.

The tutorials accompany the lectures in Behavioral Finance.


Master of Business Research (MBR) Students:

Lectures as well as the tutorial sessions are optional for MBR students.
The examination consists of an analysis of an assigned paper from the behavioral finance field (credits: 4 SWS in module B/I).
The assessment can be either in form of an oral presentation or a written referee report (depending on the number of MBR students) due at the end of each semester.

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